Blockchain Made Fun
Web3 without worry. Just jump in and play!
Sergio Nunes
Elaine Luo
Art Director
Vinícius Milfont
UX/UI Designer
Pedro Pereira
Software Engineer
Ícaro Goulart
Software Engineer
Douglas Jano
Programmer Wannabe
Elizabeth Thomson
Community Manager
Ícaro Campos
Haeji Son
Senior Artist
Felipe Consentino
Elijah Lecour
Who are we?
MoonLabs was created after CEO Sergio Nunes decided to mix his trade of choice, game development, with a new passion: blockchain technology. He then partnered with Klever - one of the biggest blockchain companies in Brazil - to bring to life our first project: Devikins. We at MoonLabs are Web3 game developers, and because of that all of our products will integrate blockchain technology.

Our first game, Devikins, has already made waves and earned itself the Blockchain Game of the Year Award, and we’re just getting started.So, jump in and join thousands of players in the Void! Devikins is a free to play blend of classic JRPG style turn-based combat and character breeding. Craft weapons, equipment, and skills! Raise your own personal army, and defeat monsters and other players in both PvE Story Mode and the PvP Arena!Battle your way through the Void and become the next Overlord!
Our Games
Unreleased Title
MoonLabs' next project is in early development stage. Stay tuned for more updates!
The MoonLab's Blog
Our Partners
The business relationship between MoonLabs and its partners is of great importance. With the help of these partners, MoonLabs is able to develop and launch innovative blockchain-based games that can utilize cryptocurrencies as in-game assets, creating a new level of interactivity and engagement for players. Additionally, these partnerships help to increase the visibility and credibility of MoonLabs in the gaming and blockchain communities. Overall, MoonLabs' partnerships with Klever play a crucial role in the growth of the company.
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